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[自主學習] 1101學期 NCUx線上課程歡迎選課 <1101 NCUx Online courses> Welcome to choose courses

Abundant course content: including calculus, linear algebra, general chemistry, principles of energy storage technology, social enterprise management practices, introduction to electronic design automation, introduction to computers, the Dream of Red Mansions, Taiwan Hakka culture… and other courses.

Registration method: After completing the registration form, you can visit the course content in ee-class within 3 to 7 days.
Registration form: Click me to fill in the registration form
Course link:
The ways of attend class: 3 to 7 days after registration, after entering the ee-class platform, log in to the school’s Portal account and password to view the course content. No credits are provided for the courses. But some courses after completed, a certificate of completion will be provided.